I DON’T HAVE a story about holding my first camera or dreaming of becoming a photographer when I was little. I’ve wanted to be about 10 different things and never thought I could make a career out of photography. Yes, I imagined there was an actual job where I got to wear a suit and enjoy Corporate America. I am glad I ruled out that career choice, started the next chapter of my life and am now doing something that I love.

I’VE ALWAYS carried a camera wherever the road has taken me. Whether it was a disposable camera, a small digital camera or a friend’s camera that I borrowed...I’m always fiddling with one. Some may find it distracting, but I truly enjoy/obsess behind the camera. I am constantly reading every piece of information I can on photography, taking pictures of everything, and I’ve logged so many hours trying to find “ME”.

IT IS HARD to categorize my specific style. I mainly specialize in natural light, lifestyle, child & family photography. I’ve always had a flair for art and design and view things in a different perspective than most. I enjoy pairing vibrant colors with rustic settings. I paint as my outlet for emotions. Paint in my hair, chalk on my face and glitter smudged on my nose is completely normal to style="font-size: medium;"ME.

DIFFERENT makes me smile! I've been known to dance to a different beat or two. Cheese and Smile are not words I use while shooting! Please plan for the UNEXPECTED, to get dirty and to have style="font-size: medium;"FUN!

I LOVE PHOTOGRAPHY because you learn something from it every single day. The expressions on a face, the one instant you capture “that look”, the curiosity you see in a child’s eyes, the love shown between parent & child, the sheer joy of LIFE... That’s important to someone like ME. I believe in pixie dust and glitter, Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy and mostly... I believe in true style="font-size: medium;"LOVE.

PHOTOGRAPHY is my happy place and keeps me (somewhat) sane.

TO BE HONEST I love to get lost in other people's eyes and more than anything I love creating collections of photographs that tell their stories. Every collection is different because every story is unique.

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